Tomáš Medek

born: 1. 3.1969 in Brno
address: Pekárna 10, Brno, 602 00


1998 An Assistant to the Studio of sculpture at the Faculty of fine arts of Brno University of technology
1997-1998  Master’s studies, Faculty of fine arts of Brno University of technology,
the Studio of sculpture, prof. Vladimí­r Preclí­k
1997  Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
the Studio of sculpture, prof. John Greer and Robin Peck
1992-1996  undergraduate study, Faculty of fine arts of Brno University of technology, Department of sculpture, prof. Vladimí­r Preclí­k
1987-1990  High School of applied arts in Brno
1983-1987  dřevomodelář and kovomodelář

Prices, study stays and scholarships

2007 1. the price in the European competition of the monumental sculpture “ART is STEEL”, Reims, France
1. price competition in the art: the sculptures for the Brno II., (T. A. Edison)
2003 Grant Pollock-Krasner, Foundation, New York, USA
2002 Hungarian University of Craft and Design, Budapest, residence grant, Cepus, Hungary
2000 The price of the Rector of Brno University of technology, for excellence in pedagogical and scientific activity
1999 Akademija za likovno umetnost, Ljubljana, study stay, Cepus, Slovenia
1997 The Open Society Fund, study the cultural grant, Canada

Participation in symposia

2009 VIII. The international sculpture Symposium of Hana Wichterlové in prostejov
2005 12. year of the Mikulov Art Symposium “dí­lna” 2005
2003 8 ° the Workshop “Scultura in Pietra di Vicenza”, Grancona, Italy
2002 Sculpture symposium “workshop, Brno 2002”, Brno
2001 The international sculpture symposium “Wooden sculpture”, Žďár nad Sázavou
2000 Contemporary art in the public space, Hodoní­n
1998 4. Edition of the International sochárského Symposium in New Zámkoch, Slovakia
1995 2. Vintage European Sculpture Studio at the Orlí­k dam reservoir
1995 Symposium of young artists “shape points” in Boskovice
1994 International summer sculpture Studio Orlik
1992 The international sculpture symposium “Wooden sculpture”, Žďár nad Sázavou

Individual exhibitions

2011 Polygonal structure, ArtPro Gallery, Prague
2010 A parallel structure, the Gallery of Platinium, Brno
Mini Gallery of the FA, Faculty of architecture, Technical University of Brno
2009 Impressio et corpuscule, Gallery of the city of Blansko, (with David Medkem), Blansko
2008 Art is Steel, ArcelorMittal’s new head office, Reims, France
3, Brno, Pilsen City Gallery, (with Peter Merry and Paul Haykem), Plzeň
Repetitive structures, the Gallery of George Jí­lka, (with David Medkem), Å umperk
Objects and Prints, Gallery of Flame on Radlase, (with David Medkem), Brno
2007 ARS Gallery, (with Jana Kasalovou), Brno
Organelles, the communication space of the School 28, (with Frank Herrmann), Prague
2006 Unrealised trivia, the Gallery, the foyer of the Theatre Goose on a string, Brno
2004 ARS Gallery, (with Michael Gabriel), Brno
Multiplum, Gallery lang’s House in frydek-mistek
2003 Objects, Husovický backyard 2003, Brno
2002 Objects, the Gallery of the month in June, České Budějovice
2001 Palác Karlí­n, Prague
Multiplum, old town hall, Žďár nad Sázavou
2000 Galéria umenia Nové Zámky, Slovakia
Repetitive structure, South-Moravian Museum in Znojmo – House of art
1999 Repetitive structures, the East Bohemian Gallery, Pardubice
1998 The cube from cubes, space for a single work, Pražák Palace, the Moravian Gallery in Brno
1997 Cube Realized, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
1994 Young Gallery, Brno
1993 Sculptures in nature, Louka u Olešnice

Group exhibitions

2010 11th BOHEMIAN NATIONAL HALL – Czech Center New York, USA
AS1, DOX Centre for contemporary art, Prague
Milano Design Week, Janneli & Volpi “J&V Store”, Italy
Studio figurativniho sculpture, theatre Reduta, Brno
2009 My Europe, Centre for contemporary art DOX, Prague
We are Europe, The European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels, Belgium
In the. + in. Janouškovi and the authors from the circle Gallery, Gallery of ARS, Brno
The statues in the streets-Brno Art Open ‘ 09, Brno
Podpourri, ARS Gallery, Brno
2008 Pentimenti Salon 08, City Gallery we, Jablonec nad Nisou
In the New Zlí­n salon 2008., art gallery in Zlí­n
Art Safari 16, Sculpture studio, Prague;
2007 4 x structure, Gallery Of the Museum in Uherske Hradiste
Kassákovi Galéria Umenia, tribute in New Zámkoch, Slovakia
Art is Steel, ArcelorMittal’s new head office, Reims, France
Statues for the Brno II., Urban Center, old town hall, Brno
Acrochage, ARS Gallery, Brno
Who are 15 years of age, FaVU VUT Brno, Galerie Brno
2006 Quality solutions-sculpture and object in the contemporary Czech art, Gallery of modern art in Hradec Králové
Nothing to show off..?, Kateřinská garden, Prague
2005 Use the KK2!, House of the Lords of Kunstat, Brno
IV. New Zlí­n salon 2005, art gallery in Zlí­n
Selection of Czech sculpture, 1995-2005, National Gallery, veletrzni palac, Prague
2004 II. Biennale Internazionale di Scultura in pietra, Vicenza, Italy
The statue and the object in the town, the Slovak národná galéria, Bratislava, Slovakia
Multiplum and Studio without borders Association, the House of the Lords of Kunstat, Brno
Instead Of Vaclav Stratil, Gallery Of ARS, Brno
2003 The world as a structure, the structure as an image gallery, Klatovy, Klenová
Drive-line, a new town hall, Brno
The youngest, National Gallery, veletrzni palac, Prague
2002 Gallery Doubner, Prague
Gallery of Rondo, Summer, Opočno Castle steps
Gesture and expression, the Moravian Gallery in Brno
2001 Aspect Gallery, Brno
Gallery Doubner, Prague
Club Konkrétistů 2 Brno, Museum of the city of Brno
The scene Design 20. Century, DECORATIVE ARTS, the Moravian Gallery in Brno
2000 Together, but separately, the House of Arts, Opava
Gallery Doubner, Prague
Classic, Museum of art Olomouc
Classical, Michal Mine In Ostrava
Art in the public space, Hodoní­n
1999 Hradec Králové Gallery Celebris,
Holes, Moravian Gallery, Brno, Pražákova Palace, courtyard
The current creation, the Brno House of art
1998 Any mood, Moravian Gallery, Brno
Graduates of the Faculty exhibition, old town hall, Brno
The project můůůzeum, the monastery meadow, Znojmo
Mirror, Vránův mill, Brno
1996 The City Gallery, Brno
Gallery Of St. Marka, Soběslav
Gallery of painted House, Třebí­č
1994 Arboretum, Brno
1993 Gallery Sýpka, Vlkov
1992 International Kunstausstallung, Freiburg, Germany

The realization of

2010 A tribute to T. A., stainless steel, 3, 3 m, realization of výtězného project competition “Sculptures for the Brno”
2008 Uroboros, stainless steel, 7 m, realization of výtězného project competition “Art is Steel”, Reims, France
2002 Adamantanová structure, steel, statue in the posluchárenského complex, Faculty of information technology of the Technical University in Brno
1999 Adamantan, stainless steel, the sculpture for the resort company Lachema a.s. Brno

Representation in collections

Nova Scotia Art Gallery, Halifax, Canada
National Gallery in Prague
A collection of contemporary art of the town of Mikulov
In private collections in the Czech Republic and abroad