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Natalie Chalcarzová

Natalie Chalcarzová NAME: Natalie Chalcarzová GRADUATE: MgA. DATE OF BIRTH: 6. 9. 1982 PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Domovská 19/432, 720 00 Ostrava – Hrabová E-MAIL: PHONE: +420 724 079 776 MARITAL STATUS: unwed EDUCATION: 2014 – to date Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology, Rybářská 125/13/15, 603 00 Brno, Studio Sculpture 1 […]

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Jiří­ Kamenskich

Jiří­ Kamenskich

Petr Křivák

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Jan Dostál

Eva Lukešová

Eva Lukešová Narozena 8.2.1992 v Uherském Hradsišti. TELEFON +420 736 442 403 E-MAIL

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Jiří­ Pec

Nikola Mojsl


Tea Dohnalova

Marie Videmanová

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Kateřina Molišová


Petr Mucha

Petr Mucha


Pavla Nikitina b. 1997, Kyiv, Ukraine Lives and works in Brno, Czech Republic email: tel.: +420 777 895 947 Instagram: uruk.hai.lady———————————————————- Tell me who you’re friends and I’ll tell you who you are  2017 Anatomická studie La Toilette P.S. With love to Lautrec  2018 Five Minutes (3D war reportage)  2019       Those Who […]

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Tomáš Zelený


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Vendula Petrová

Vendula Petrová

Sem prosím uveď své jméno Please fill in a small copy about Yourself. You can get inspired by works of Your colegues and copy and paste their formating from within the admin of WordPress. Once You’re happy with the updates You make, click the blue “Publish” button on the right side of the screen >>>> […]

Tomas Blazek

architect, sculptor, painter, just as Michelangelo 🙂  an architect indeed

I remeber Gebauer saying: ” There should be average artworks at least. Whole renaissance was average. It had to be, so all those Leonardos and Michelangelos could come.” I agree, so god bless us, average, all of us.