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Michal Gabriel, was born in Prague in 1960, he graduated and in the second half of the 1980s. years there and pushed It in the Group and individually. In Prague, lives, works, is there represented in collections and public realizations. In Brno had its collectors and out came a call to action for young art school. The sculpture Studio, expanding the garden in a quiet corner near the fairground, keep Michal Gabriel, even in moments when he got the offer to similar action in traditional art school in Prague. The reason for this voluntary action on first single artistic faculty, in the shadow of traditional art schools, was the founding generation of educators acknowledge the uniqueness, nezatí­ženosti history and uncertain, while completely open future. This potential Michal Gabriel as the teacher takes full advantage of.

Since 1998 is the head, now Professor of sculpture, Studio 1, the field of fine art, sculpture, creation of the Faculty of fine arts of Brno University of technology. The Studio of Sculpture 1 Atelier was founded together with the sculpture 2 (prof. Jan Ambrůz), by developing the original sculpture Studio, which was founded in 1993 by Professor. Vladimí­r Preclí­k. Its predecessor was the Department of drawing and modeling of the Faculty of architecture of the TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, founded in the 1940s. years, Vincent Makovským. Studio of prof. Gabriela deals in accordance with its focus mainly figurative and figural creation, its deployed is significant in recent years, the use of digital technology for the purposeful creation of spatial.

Successful is the pedagogical influence of Michal Gabriel at the Faculty of fine arts, including the Faculty of management in the function of Dean (2007-2011). Teaching Gabriel’s Studio retains the traditional time to some extent structure. A “preparatory course” can be considered the mastery of traditional sculptural modelling problems heads and figures, in parallel with teaching Studio technology from traditional to digital. The atelier of Michal Gabriela works as an independent organism family type, that his head be governed by his charisma, but does not hesitate to support the creative impulses of its students and make use of their generational experience with new digital technologies. Teachers and students more cooperation continues even after graduating from school, sometimes in natural competition. Gabriel pupils apply as sculptors, sometimes affiliating to the offices of the teams. They are also sought out as artistically crafted by skilled and disciplined and educated teachers.


born 25.2.1960
1978-82 High School of applied arts Prague
1980-87 Academy of fine arts, Prague-sculpture
1987 founding member of the art group
1995 He received the jindřich chalupecký Prize
1998 comes to the place of the head of the Studio of sculpture at FaVU VUT Brno
2001 habilitován associate professor at the school of applied arts in Prague
2007 elected Dean FaVU VUT Brno
2009 appointed Professor of


National Gallery in Prague
Aleš South-Bohemian Gallery, Hluboká nad Vltavou
Museum of art Olomouc
Gallery of modern art in Hradec Králové
private collections at home and abroad


1988 Sculptural work, Gallery on its perch, Brno, curator Karel Tutsch
1989 Sculptural creation (with Peter Brewer and Erika Pardubice), District Museum, Český Krumlov, the curator of the Paul F Z
1991 Sculptural work, Gallery the painted House, Třebí­č
1991 The sentence in the space gallery of the Pi-Pi-Art, Prague, curator Milena Slavická
1992 The Sculptures, Galerie MXM, Prague
1993 The Sculptures, Galerie Aspect, Brno
1993 Sculptural creation, Galerie MXM, Prague
1994 Michal Gabriel-statues, Martin Mainer-images, Alter botanischen Garten, Pavilion, Munich, Germany, curator Inge Lindemann
1994 Rožnovská sculptural summer (with Jiří­ Plieštikem and Stefan Milkovem), Gallery of the city library, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, curated by Aleš Žanta
1994 New trends (with Peter Pí­saří­kem and Peter Lysáčkem), Museum curator, Paul Teglová
1994 Sculptures, paintings and works on paper (with Igor Minaří­k and Petr Veselý), Sovinec Castle, curator Petr Nedoma
1995 The sculptures, Gallery. m. Prague-Old Town Hall, Prague, curated by Olga Small
1995 Bronze, Centre of culture and education, Moravská Ostrava and Pří­voz, curator of the Milan Weber
1995 Jindřich chalupecký Award ‘ 94, Václav Å pála Gallery, Prague, curator Isikeli Nešlehová
1995 Michal Gabriel-Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová, Hall under the Plečnik staircase, the garden of Eden to the Prague Castle, Prague, the organizer of the Freedom Foundation
1996/7 Michal Gabriel and Vladimir Kokolia, exhibition hall, Emil Filla, ústí­ nad Labem, the organizers of the Union of fine artists and Soros Center
1997 The sculptures, Gallery Die Aktualití¤t des Schí¶nen…, Liberec, curator Zdeněk Primus
1997 The sculptures, animation (Josef Fun), Galerie MXM, Prague
1998 Michal Gabriel and Vladimir Kokolia, exhibition hall, Emil Filla, ústí­ nad Labem, curators, Petr Svoboda and Michal Koleček
1998 Statues (Stefan Milkovem), Sirius Gallery Design, Prague
 1998 The sculptures, animation (Josef Fun), Gallery Caesar, Olomouc, Miroslav curator Schubert
 2000 Sculptures-paintings (with John Mertou), Municipal Gallery of Malostranská beseda, Prague
 2000 With a light, a small Gallery of Václav Å pála, Prague, curated by Jaroslav Krbusek
 2002 Sculptures-images (public Gabrielovou), Gallery 8A, Brno
 2003/4 Michal Gabriel-Barbora Å lapetová, Rittstein-Galerie Tvrdohlaví­, Prague, Lucerna Palace
 2004 Michal Gabriel-TomᚠMedek, ARS Gallery, Brno, curator of Josef Chloupek
 2004 The sculptures, Gallery of modern art, Hradec Králové, curator Thomas Fish
 2004/5 The lizard, the regional scientific library-Spacium, Liberec, curator of the Ivona Raimanová
 2006 The sculpture, the Gallery of the city of Plzeň, Plzeň, curator Václav Raspberry
 2006 The Garden, The Gallery Via Art, Prague
 2006 Gabriel & Casua Atelier (Statues & architecture), the Gallery of Chodov stronghold, Prague, curated by Martina Pachmanová
 2007 Gabriel & Casua Atelier (Statues & architecture), Gallery Medium, Bratislava
 2007 Sculpture 2, Sovinec Castle in Bruntál-Museum
 2007 Sculpture 3, Blansko town Gallery, Blansko
 2007 Michal Gabriel-statues, Castle in bystřice pod Hostýnem
 2008 Michal Gabriel-sculpture, ARS Gallery, Brno
 2008 Michal Gabriel Sculpture 5, Galeria m. a. Bazovského in Trencin, curator Ellen Porubanová
 2009 Dreming, boiler room Karlin Gallery, m. Gabriel-sculptures, j. Macht-photography
 2009 Michal Gabriel Súsošia 6. LGPMB-liptovská galeria Peter Michael bohuňa in liptovskom Mikulas, curator Ellen Porubanová
 2009 Michal Gabriel Sculptures, exhibition hall of the Synagogue, Hranice na Moravě, curator of the Msc. Renata Skřebská
 2009 Michal Gabriel Statues, Gallery Chapel, Valašské Meziří­čí­
 2010 Michal Gabriel Statues, Artpro galleys, Prague
 2010 Michal Gabriel, Gallery Of The City Of Trutnov
 2010 Players on the waterfront, exterior exposure on the waterfront in Trutnov
 2010 Michal Gabriel, sculptures, Gallery in the attic, Vrchlabí­
 2010 Michal Gabriel-Sculptures, galerie ASPECT of Brno
 2011 Michal Gabriel-Sculpture-Exhibition Hall, Sokol, 26, Ostrava
 2011 Statues on the golf course, Cascade 1 Jinačovice u Brna
 2011/12 The sculptures, the exhibition in the Gallery of the Mona Lisa in Olomouc
Michal Gabriel sculptures, Stables Gallery in Lipniku n. (B).
Pastoralists, the cheetahs exhibition of sculptures in the Paddock in the Prague ZOO cheetahs
The sculptures on the golf course at the BrnaSochy cascade 2 Jinačovice, Galerie Aspect