The Department of figurative sculpture is focused on the figurative works.The figure is considered as the basis for further maybe even completely abstract sculptural creation.During the entering exams, the student needs to prove his or her talent as well as the basic knowledge of sculpture proceduresThe study is built on their use and deepening.Outside of this traditional approach, which on other art schools is already pretty rare, great emphasis is placed on linking digital and classical sculpture.Due to the fact that it is a completely new technology, The program is taking this direction, paralelly and connectivelly with the art of classic sculptural techniques. With this unique combination, the department of sculpture I. is known as the only one of its type in Czech Republic.Finally, this connection between the classic and the new seems to be very interesting for the other high quality art schools.In the first two years of the studio lessons, students get fammiliar with proportions and human anatomy.Than during the period of the bachelor study, students work on the topics, which they choose freely and are consulted with the head of the department of by any of his assistants.The focus is targeted more on the result than on the process.During the program, students attend competitions to learn how to produce meaningful sculptures for the public space.Because the department is focused on connecting high end 3D technologies with the traditional art, all the students pass the course of 3D modelling and 3D scanning and printing.

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Botanical Garden 2020


AS1 En plein air - 17-23|09|2018 - Big Shepherd - Petr Mucha

En Plein Air – 2018

Tea Dohnalová - defence

Clauses Summer 2018

Jan Dostál

Exams winter 2015/16

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